Downright Frothy!

I was out of toothpaste at school so popped into the local drugstore (which doesn’t have any drugs–medications are found at pharmacies) to replace the travel size tube.  After lunch the next day, I opened the new tube to clean my teeth.  The flavor can only be described as soapy.  What the heck?  And why was the paste as frothy as just-whipped meringue?  I showed the tube to a Turkish co-worker who burst out laughing when she read the label.  “What?” I asked, “What is it?”


The yucky paste on top; the Signal brand is the replacement.

“You brushed with SHAVING CREAM!” she said, still laughing.  The story has illicited the same response as the story has been shared several times amongst the staff.

I suppose I should’ve taken a closer look at the label.  The word “men” might’ve caused me to take a pic in my translation app.  But I’ve never seen a tube that shape and size contain anything other than toothpaste. Lesson learned.


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