September Vacation

Yes, that’s correct–a vacation after only eight days of teaching this school year.  Monday through Thursday this week was Eid-ul-Adha, a Muslim holiday known in Turkey as Kurban Bayram.  This is the Feast of Sacrifice that commemorates Abraham’s sacrifice of a ram instead of his son, Isaac. Genesis 22  More information about the festival can be found here. Turkish holidays

My friend Claudia and I opted for four days in the small town of Ölüdeniz which is on the southwest coast of Turkey.  The Flamingo Hotel has an appropriately-themed pool around which we spent a couple relaxing days.

Paragliding is a top attraction in town.  I didn’t partake but the three friends who did all said it was an amazing experience. 

A stroll through town on the way to the beach

And the beach–the early bird gets the worm or in this case, the chairs and and umbrellas closest to the water.  For a fee of  15tl (~$5.00), we swam and sunned for an entire day, giving up our spots only for a late lunch.  The sandy beach gave way to small, smooth rocks near the sea.  No barnacles to be found, thank goodness.  The water was warm and had enough wave action for a bit of body surfing.

My beverage of choice was cider, trying a local offering (Sevilen, which is sweeter than I prefer but quite refreshing) and Wagners from Ireland.

This last pic sums up the vacation: sun, sea,  and one happy lady.


One thought on “September Vacation

  1. Great photos Cuz! Looks like you had a very good time. Bye the way, a day late “Happy Birthday!”


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