Antique Market

Goodness knows I don’t need more objects in my Lojman, but that didn’t prevent me from checking out an antique market here in town.  This market operates the first Sunday of each month with an organic fruit and vegetable market beside it.  Five of us from school headed out at 10am to get the early bird treasures, refillable bags dangling from our arms.  This is what we saw: 

We wandered, we bargained, we bought a few items and we stopped for tea.

It was amazing to see some of the items for sale such as these street signs.  Why did they come from?  Pilfered from a construction site? Never reused after a new project took form?

It was time for lunch and we decided on a köfte meal im Ülüs, the old part of Ankara, then back across town to a small coffee and pastry shop owned by friends from campus.  The Syrian goodies were fresh and home-cooked.  Saturday’s visit to the same shop resulted in a big wedge of lemon cheesecake calling to me.  Sunday there was no dilly-dallying around as my favorite dessert was in the display case–espresso cheesecake.  So yummy and guilt-free!  

Welcome to Haçettepe University.
It was 85 degrees that day.  The heat and amount of food and beverages consumed made me sleepy on the drive back to campus.  It was a nice outing with friends.


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