Under the Weather

Yesterday was a stay-at-home day as I awoke with Turkish tummy.  Ugghh.  Three hours later  I was weak and dehydrated but the worst was over.  The rest of the day was spent on the couch, mostly sleeping as I didn’t have the energy to hold and read a book. What a wasted day. A kindly neighbor bought bananas and rice for me (moms out there – remember the BRAT diet for children with similar health problems?) and I began my transit back from the realm of the unwell.

Despite a restless night, I now am feeling much better.  Not going out for a three-mile  walk today but at least I’m in an upright position.  And to start the day off right, a wonderful surprise greeted me when I opened the curtains.

This friendly cat had climbed up a tree to my second-story balcony and found my little doormat a good resting place.  The loud purrs started as soon as I drew the curtains and kept going through the petting session.  This encounter made my day.  


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