Family Time

 It was a very busy summer and I didn’t do a good job of updating this blog.  The first five weeks were spent in Austria, Czech Republic, and Ireland in two professional development courses from which I earned 13 credits. Glad to have the academics behind me but the experiences during both courses were outstanding.

The final two weeks away from work were in Seattle, where it was a whirlwind of activity every day.  I visited weekly meetings of six Rotary clubs, attended three coffee Meetups, and marched with the colors in two Seafair parades.  And I did get some family time in.  Someone special visited from San Francisco which was a blessing.


The night before I flew back to Turkey, my twin sis, brother-in-law, and I attended a backyard bbq complete with Western band at a cousin’s home.  Good food, good music, and family time–a wonderful way to end my visit to Seattle.

We don’t have much skill at horseshoes but ain’t we got style!  


One thought on “Family Time

  1. Awesome spot for an afternoon, what area was that farm in? Great view of Rainier.


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