Summer is here!

The temperature has reached over 90 degrees in Ankara;  what better way to beat the heat than to spend time near or in the water.  An hour or so plane ride would take me to the Med but closer to campus, there is a hotel pool that would suffice.  A friend and I decided that would be our destination last Saturday. For 75 aturkish lira (about $25), we could sun ourselves until 6:30p.

It was delightful.  A beautiful setting with our choice of chaises either poolside or in a grassy area shaded by trees.  Towels, food, and beverages delivered to us.  The only downside:  the volume of music coming from the speaker near where we rested. But great music.

Turned out we had to depart earlier than advertised due to a late afternoon event at the hotel. By the looks of the people strolling through the hotel, I’d guess it was an 8th-grade graduation party. No worries–by the new departure time of 4:30p, I’d had enough sun.  It was the first real sun time of the season for me and I had not been liberal enough with the suntan lotion.  It was difficult to get to sleep that night due to portions my skin feeling on fire.  You’d think at my age, I wouldn’t make this mistake.  But most of the burn has now faded to a tan so all is well.  There will be more visits to that pool once I return to Ankara in August, hopefully with a large bottle of suntan lotion.


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