Didn’t realize I was longing for…

At another university this morning to watch our young men and young ladies play in a basketball tournament.  One of the opposing schools ran a snack stand and that team’s moms became my new best friends.  Let me explain–having lived 3+ years overseas in the late 80s, I remember longing for certain foods that were not available in either location I was stationed courtesy of Uncle Sam–England and Turkey.  Through the university job placement service I used when beginning my overseas quest a year ago, I read several comments from current teachers who all stated something like, “If you require (or think you require) a certain brand of peanut butter or a certain type of shampoo, overseas living might not be for you.”  Nah, thought I, that’s not me.  And I’ve not had a hankering for many foods here that have not been available.  Well, except bacon.  I don’t have the privileges necessary to shop at the American military base’s commissary so whenever I leave the country, I try to get my fill of bacon for breakfast and a bacon cheeseburger for lunch.  I care not about calories nor fat as long as I get that bacon!

Back to the snack stand today.  These are the delectables I purchased at 8:30am. for a whopping 14 Turkish lira (about $4.75 USD).  Can’t honestly remember the last time I had a PBJ and I don’t normally have bread in my apartment, but when I was told the sandwiches were made with Jif peanut butter and grape jelly, I nearly swooned.  So the PBJ and small bag of Lay’s sour cream and onion chips became my breakfast.  No guilt whatsoever.  The late lunch was just as good–a real American hot dog.  Plus brewed Maxwell House coffee–was I living high on the hog or what?



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