Fashion Accessory

I’d heard about these devices since arriving in Turkey nearly five months ago but had been unable to find them in stores here. Guess what I found my first night in Nuremberg, while walking to the Christkindlesmarkt?  A branch of the store I’d been told had them and sure enough, there they were!

Snow began lightly falling last night and is to continue until evening, with a snow/rain forecast the best bet after 2pm.  There was not much accumulation and the wind have blown much of it away but what about ice?  The temperature sits at 32 degrees so I figured it was a good day to try out my new snow chains.

Good call on my part.  There was ice on the road going downhill from the lojman to school and I managed to stay in the upright position. So a very worthwhile purchase.  I do miss my Sorel boots but they are in storage.  That was not a good call. Highly recommend this brand and model.   Stay warm, friends.



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