Bamberg, Germany

I am nearly at the end of my holiday in Nuremberg but have yet to sort through photos from the last four days so Nuremberg news will have to wait.  Today’s forecast called for rain so we set off for Bamberg, a city 61km north of Nuremberg. It has been named a World Heritage Site by  UNESCO. A short ride on the underground and a 50-minute train ride put us into the city in the late morning so we started our adventure with breakfast across from the train station.  There were close to 40 teens part-way through their meals when we arrived.  In contrast to some large groups of this age group I have seen, these young men and women had lots of self-control with regard to behavior and volume of voice.  Two men chaperoning the group sat at a nearby table but had no need to cajole or remind this group about social norms in a restaurant; my friend commented how clean the tables were when the plates were cleared–no wadded up napkins, one or two crumbs on a table which ten young men had just vacated (seriously, only one or two!), and chairs pushed in.  Who are these teens and where are the fantastic parents who raised them?  I believe I’m sounding like an old biddy who doesn’t like teens and you all know that’s not true–this group just really impressed me.

Back to Bamberg.  We walked from the train to the bus station and took the 910 up the hill (the city is stretches over seven hills) to the Bamberg Dom, also known as the Bamberg Cathedral, also known as the Cathedral of St. Peter and St. Georg.  It was commissioned by King Henry II (later Holy Roman Emperor) and opened in 1012; the current building dates from a couple hundred years later, fire having destroyed both the original and the rebuilt cathedrals.

The four spires of the cathedral can be seen from miles around, an impressive site today as in centuries past.  The interior does not have the beautifully painted ceilings seen in so many chapels and cathedrals but the painted dome below was quite nice.  This church might be my favorite of the trip so far.

Notice the young man playing the organ?  A short service began just after we arrived; it included readings and a few solos by the organist.  Great acoustics in the cathedral as I have found in every church I’ve been in on this trip.

IMG_2625 IMG_2624








Leaving the cathedral, we walked next door to the Diocesan Museum which contains objects from the time of King Henry’s reign.  Beautiful woven papal and royal cloaks are the featured artifacts.  A large collection of nativity scenes (creches) was on temporary display; they were a delight to see.  Photography is not allowed in the museum.

On the left above is a wall of the Bamberg State Library and on the right, the Old Court Building.  Sadly, no time for a visit today.  We were off to lunch, a walk through the Christmas market, and back to the train station.  A pleasant day, indeed!



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