Storytime at PreK!

Did you know my school has a building just for our Pre-Kindergarten students?  It is a separated from the main school building but only a five-minute walk away.  I volunteered to do a technology inventory there because it’s such an amazing place to visit and was then asked if I’d like to read a story to the students so I jumped at the opportunity.  It’s been a dozen years or so since I’ve been an elementary librarian and I do miss storytime.

Once I’d completed the inventory, off I went to share stories with two classes.  One thing I’d forgotten about being in classrooms such as these was the size of the chairs.  Oh my goodness–was it better to perch on that little thing or to sprawl on the floor?  I opted for the chair and managed to gracefully sit down without falling over from buckling knees.

Three stories was my limit in each class and the favorite story of the students (and me!) was Pigs to the Rescue by John Himmelman.  It’s a great story about helping others (although not always with the expected outcome) and features cooperation, one of twelve Attitudes that our young students follow in the concept-based PYP program.  Here’s a link to the book Pigs to the Rescue; note that the author has other books about Farmer Greenstalk and the animals that try to help him–chickens, cows, and duck.

The phrase “Pigs to the rescue!” is repeated every other page so much merriment ensued during the telling of this story. You might not be able to tell from these photos but I had just as much fun as the children.   I am now scheming to get back to PreK for another storytime (or two or three).

And to finish off this post, how about a pic of me on the playground?





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