Fire!!! (Alarm)

Today was the last day of school for several months for one of our teachers (her first child will be born soon) so the staff surprised her with a cake.  Before the candles were lit, a couple teachers looked up at the smoke detector and decided the exterior door should be opened for ventilation.  It was, and the candles were lit.  No worries, right?  Oh, I didn’t mention that there were sparklers involved as well.  A teacher was actually fanning the air toward the door as flames illuminated the cake.

After the candles were blown out and the sparklers had died out, we then heard that sound–the one that means evacuate the building.  Despite the efforts of some, we had managed to set off the smoke detector.  This happened during lunchtime for our middle school students so there was a certain amount of craziness just because they all had to find the place to line up with the correct teacher.  As my teacher friends know, fire drills very rarely happen during lunch breaks.  We walked out to the field to a brightly-shining sun.  We chuckled a bit about the cause for the evacuation and had to bite our lips when students anxiously asked, “Is it real or is it a drill?”

So when this already-beloved little girl arrives, she will have made her mark on the world.  Perhaps it was her way of saying, “Look out, I’m going to set the world on fire.”  What a fun story for her mom to share with her a few years down the road.



One thought on “Fire!!! (Alarm)

  1. Great story to be shared with the young lady to be. Love these little updates!


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