What Century Are We In?

I am hopping mad, as my grandmother used to say.  Received an email notification to contact via phone the investment company that holds my 401K from a previous employer to discuss options for the money.  The only option I want is to roll it over into an account my financial advisor manages.  I need a form for that so I asked the person who has my power of attorney to call the company to request the form, since there is no way I’m making an international call to do this simple task and there is no option anywhere on the company’s website for help other than phone numbers.  No chat, no email address, nothing other than a local and a toll-free number.  Isn’t this a simple request that should be accomplished with no problems?

Of course not.  I have to call the company, or do a three-way call, to give permission for the company to talk to my POA.  Isn’t it explicit when she has the form which gives her the legal right to act on my behalf?  Particularly since all that is being requested is that a form be sent to me, at the email address I’ve had on file with this company for quite a number of years.  But no, the company says it will cut a check made out to the company my financial advisor works for, with me named “for the benefit of.”  Is this not the 21st century, where electronic funds transfers are routine?  Are we not working toward reducing the amount of paper that travels needlessly from point A to point B (sorry, U.S. Postal Service)?  What about going green, people?

Beyond furious–that’s how I feel.  But it’s early Saturday morning  (6:20am) in Ankara so I’m going to find something to take my mind of this mess.  Perhaps a walk to Starbucks.  Yes, that’s it.  I’ll sit and enjoy the morning with a cup of coffee plus boost the profit-sharing of my brother-in-law.  Lacing up my shoes and out the door.  Turkish language lessons follow later this morning.


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