It’s Tuesday–must mean more medical issues

My injuries from last Tuesday’s volleyball games (see previous post) have almost faded away and I was looking forward to more action tonight on the court.  Alas, this was not to be.  Awoke last night with a sharp pain in my right hand, feeling like it had been sliced in the palm.  But no blood, only three little white dots on my skin.  Spider bites, I assumed, and went back to sleep.  Only later did I realize that I woke up just after being bitten and I should’ve searched for the culprit right then or switched beds.

By this morning, there was a bit of redness to the skin and some throbbing in the wound area.  As the day progressed, the little white dots became full of blood and the throbbing increased.  I visited the school nurse; I went back to my library business.  After school was out I got a ride to the clinic on the East Campus of the university, where both my school and apartment are located.  Diagnosis:  bites of some kind, could be spider.  Rx:  prednisone shot (drop your pants, lady) plus two prescriptions.  The campus pharmacy is on the main campus and the nurse and I didn’t communicate well enough for me to get exact directions.  Oh, and it closed in 90 minutes.  Frustrated, I returned to school to do last-minute preparations for being gone the first three hours of the school day tomorrow.  At that point I was tired, hurting, wet (we finally had rain!) and generally feeling sorry for myself.

After not figuring out the campus pharmacy deal, I decided to taxi it to the little mall nearby.  The pharmacy cashier spoke English and the required meds were in stock but I had no insurance card yet from my new insurance company.  Five days worth of a well-known antibiotic only set me back less than $3 so no worries.  Also refilled a medication I take daily and it cost exactly the same as my co-pay when on medical plans from my last couple of school districts.  So once I have my insurance card in hand, the cost will probably be next to nothing.

After dinner out, I decided to treat my dejected self so bought a microwave.  No more reheating leftover pasta in a frying pan. So the day wasn’t an entire loss.  Oh yeah, then there was the vanilla milkshake I ordered with my chicken, potatoes, and corn dinner.  It was delicious and no guilt on my part!

Close now if you don’t wish to see what the little devil did to my palm.  The yellow color is that antibiotic scrub used at the clinic.  ‘Night all.


Update:  Wednesday, 7 Oct 15 – The pain and throbbing is gone but the blood under the skin remains.  Itches like you can’t believe.  Although I did a thorough apartment cleaning two day days prior to the bites, I swept and vacuumed floors tonight, shook out the bedding and turned the mattress after vacuuming it and the box spring.  Saw no signs of little creatures so am moving back into my bedroom tonight.  Here’s hoping for no new wounds in the morning.


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