Taking One for the Team

Intramural-type sports are a good way to burn off steam.  Here at BLIS we currently have football (or soccer as we call it in the States) on Monday nights, volleyball on Tuesdays, and basketball on Thursdays.  I participate only as a spectator on Mondays and Thursdays and had done so for the very first volleyball night but two days ago I decided to join the ranks of team player.

The last time I played volleyball might’ve been when I lived in Turkey in 1987-88.  A friend and I were on the base volleyball team.  My memory is not clear on all the details of that season but I do remember the friend and I being the oldest of the team members (late 20-early 30s compared to the 18-year-olds who made up the rest of the team).  I believe we lost most games including those played on a trip to either Izmir or Adana.  Wish I had scanned a photo from that trip because I saw it in August when packing up my belongings for one of many trips to my storage unit.

Back to present day:  think I need help in finding the location of that “sweet spot” which eluded me Tuesday.  I know, I know–just up from the wrist.  Obviously I was way off the mark on several occasions as evidenced here:

IMG_1753 IMG_1754 IMG_1755 IMG_1756

These pics were taken 48 hours after volleyball practice.  There was no bruising yesterday but man, o man, did the injured area bloom with color today!


2 thoughts on “Taking One for the Team

  1. Nice colors!! That’s why I hate volleyball! Always happens to me.

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  2. Yeah, like your not 30 any more either, time to take up cribbage and brush up on math.

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