Beginning of the Supermoon Lunar Eclipse

Thought I’d set an alarm for 4am EEST as the eclipse would begin at 4:07am in Ankara.  That plan failed when friends and I went out for Turkish coffee last evening; caffeine is apparently still coursing through my body as I have yet to feel sleepy.  My iPhone is a complete fail at photographing objects at such a distance so no pics tonight, I’m afraid.  It’s 64 degrees outside  (currently 4:51am) so draped with a sweater, I have been going out to my balcony to observe the event every five minutes or so.  The moon is half-covered at this point.  The campus lies at just under 3,000 feet in elevation so the night air is crisp with a clear view of the moon off to the east.

I’m following these sites:

4:56am – darkness covers all but a sliver of the moon

5:11am – the total eclipse has begun with the moon dark but beginning to have a reddish glow.  This is pretty cool!


One thought on “Beginning of the Supermoon Lunar Eclipse

  1. Glad you enjoyed it! It was cool!!
    Turkish coffee is best enjoyed in small doses lol 🙂

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