Hiking the Ihlara Valley, Cappadocia

Off we went early Sunday morning, four teachers and two family members, to hike the amazing Ihlara Valley in Cappadocia.  At least for me, it was early for a weekend–6:45a pickup by taxis to take us to our rendezvous point with a tour bus.  The three-hour ride began with tea and two biscuits for which I was grateful.  Half way to the start point, we stopped at Lake Tuz, a very large salt lake which is mostly dry this time of year.  Salt chunks crunched beneath our feet as we walked out onto the lake’s surface.

Onward to the village of Ihlara.  From the bus, we hiked to the top of a hill then descended to walk on a mostly-shaded trail along the Melendiz River.

        IMG_1613          IMG_1616

Along the trail were churches carved in the rock.  Kokar Kilise (the Smelly Church or the Church of Sweet Smells) is thought to be from the early Byzantine era.

Kokar Kilise (The Smelly Church)2

And on we walked.

IMG_1624         IMG_1625

IMG_1630               IMG_1631


IMG_1635   IMG_1636

After a lunch stop, we walked for a couple more hours and met up with our bus near the Selime Monastery.  The bus driver had a huge skillet heating up with chicken and some undetermined food products which when cooked were delicious heaped onto a large roll.  After dinner we had 30 minutes to climb into the monastery and explore all the rooms carved high above the road.


Not so much fun going up OR down



Looking across the street at the cemetery


IMG_1645         IMG_1642 (1)





A look back at the monastery on the hillside.


Beautiful sunset over Lake Tuz



One thought on “Hiking the Ihlara Valley, Cappadocia

  1. beautiful place to visit..


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