Thoughts on the strike by Seattle teachers

Read the blog post “Which State Shall We Live In?” from Rachel Faber Machacha below; she has a wonderful style of writing.  As a resident of the Seattle area for much of my life and a teacher there the last 15 years (although never in the Seattle School District), I found the author’s perspective refreshing. She didn’t rehash every issue at the bargaining table but instead stated how lack of action on the part of the superintendent and the school board members led to this state of crisis that some perceive this teacher strike to be.

My favorite paragraph begins, “I want to live in a state of grace, where teachers are valued for their expertise and treated as competent professionals on the normal days. I want to live in a state of respect, where disputes are addressed in good faith rather than threatening legal action…” Isn’t this something we all want–to work in a job we love and to be treated as professionals and with respect? I left a teaching job I loved because of the lack of respect toward teachers by one individual on the staff and it pained me to leave my colleagues and the wonderful students. We must join forces, the public at large and educators, to ensure today’s children get a high-quality education; one of the ways to do that is to attract and keep top-notch teachers in our schools. Giving teachers a wage sufficient to allow them to live in the communities in which they work, ensuring a well-rounded education with the inclusion of specialists (music, art, drama, library) for every child, and stopping the excessive testing that takes place in the spring will help both students and teachers.

I’m proud to support all members of the Seattle Education Association. Stay strong!  And keep reading for Rachel Faber Machacha’s blogpost.

Rachel Faber Machacha

Tonight I write, from the state of Washington. A state overflowing with natural beauty and resources, this great green land on the Pacific that spawned Nirvana and Amazon and big timber and Boeing and apples and Microsoft. We are smallish on population, sharply divided as our political leanings follow our geography. Volcanoes. Glaciers. Rainforests. Soaring cathedrals of trees. Grand broad hills of wheat. More food and smarts and technology than we have a right to.

We were the first state whose citizens took up our ballots and declared, “Here, ALL loving couples are allowed to marry.” We love a popular consensus.  The grunge-libertarian ethic encourages us all to “come as you are.”

I can walk out of my house and share a bike, hop on a ferry or light rail train, or take a bus and within a few miles see otters, sea lions, bald eagles, orcas, and all manner…

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  1. agree, absolutely.


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