I Now Love My Couch!

Shopping Saturday in the old part of Ulus, a commercial district in Ankara.  Spent much more than I’d expected to but happy with every single purchase.  Best buy was at the first stop–my friend Susan took us to a rug shop.  Couldn’t make my mind up which rug(s) to buy but did come home with a beautiful wool covering for my couch.


While walking to a small restaurant for kofta (meatball) sandwiches, we passed this house.  Notice how the exterior walls have been taken off (fallen off?) and the interior of the wall shows a hodge-podge of materials.  There is a small chair hanging in one corner that doesn’t show well in the photo.  I’m curious about the story of this house but no one was around to answer questions.


This was my second trip to Ulus in the last couple of weeks and it seems much like it was when I lived here in 1987-1988.  Nice to have some things stay the same (as in the house above) and not be gobbled up by development.


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