A visit to ancient ruins in Ankara

A sunny, breezy day made for good walking weather as we accompanied an archaeologist around “Old Ankara.” The ruins were mostly Roman in origin.

8.29.15 - Ankara CastleAnkara Castle

The Haci Bayram Mosque was built in 1427 but the minaret appears to be newer.  It is Turkey’s largest mosque, due to a renovation and expansion project that was completed four years ago.

8.29.15 - Minaret of Haci Bayram MosqueHaci Bayram Mosque minaret

This lion statue  is one of many ruins which have been found around Ankara and placed in an open air museum next to a large bath complex.  A Stone Age belief that lions are protectors meant that carved lions often stood watch over households of the rich and important.

8.29.15 - Lion statue at Caracalla Bath

After the tour, seven of us headed a few blocks from the museum to a restaurant specializing in roasted chicken;  it was recommended by a local. I decided to be adventurous and order something that I couldn’t translate without technological assistance.   My choice: Ezme Salata and Barbunya Pilaki.  The Ezme Pilaki was a tomato-based spread which was yummy on bread.  The Barbunya Pilaki was a bean stew so delicious I will return to have it again.  Price of meal for all 7 people:  ~112 TL which is about $5.50 apiece.


The adventure continued in Ulus, a shopping district where We walked narrow streets full of gold dealers, another of kitchen gadgets, another of metalwork.  We returned to campus via public transportation costing us ~65 cents for two Metro rides and one leg in a city bus. Naps followed.


One thought on “A visit to ancient ruins in Ankara

  1. So glad you are having spectacular adventures!! Love the blogging!


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