Where has all the coffee gone?

Lonely Seattle Mariners mug and little Starbucks doppio cup

I’m a Seattle gal and I love my lattes.  A 20-minute walk downhill from my apartment brings me to a Starbucks; there is apparently another Starbucks on the university campus nearby which I have yet to find.  I have consumed only two lattes and one iced coffee in the ten days since arrival and am surprised that I’ve had no caffeine withdrawal.  At school the only coffee I’ve seen is instant and French press.  Where do I find authentic Turkish coffee around Bilkent?  Guess I’ll have to try my beginner’s Turkish and ask a local.  This promises to be a hysterical exchange of words and gestures.


One thought on “Where has all the coffee gone?

  1. French press is the way to drink coffee!


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