Safety first

Yesterday there was a shooting in Ankara, the city where I have now lived for eight days.  Was I afraid?  No.  Was I concerned?  A bit.  Did this act of violence cause me to change any plans?  Yes–instead of possibly spending the evening in downtown Ankara, I chose to stay on campus.  Will one death cause me to hightail it out of this country?  Absolutely not.–gunfight-in-ankara-leaves-five-wounded

Many, if not most, of my friends voiced concerns prior to my move about safety in Turkey.  This may not be the safest place to be right now but it is certainly not as dangerous as other locations around the world.  I  simply refuse to give in to fear.  It was a 27-year dream to return to Ankara and I’m going to celebrate the opportunity to live and teach in this amazing city and country.  There could be caution thrown to the wind (well, maybe just a bit) but I won’t do anything unnecessarily stupid or unsafe.  Life is for living.


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